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Who We Are

As a face mask manufacturer and distributor for over 20 years, Newton Safety strives to provide the best possible respiratory protection products to our valued customers worldwide. We set up manufacturing in China to produce specially designed disposable face masks and particulate respirator masks to meet governmental requirements in many countries.

To produce our N95 masks and CE marked masks, we work closely with NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S., and with INSPEC in England to insure our products are up-to-date and meet all necessary U.S. and CE requirements. We also have product approvals in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

How We Help Your Business Grow

Private Brand Packaging

Most customers market our products in their own private brand packaging. With private brand packing, not only are the dispenser boxes printed in your packaging, but even the imprint on the respirator itself (for NIOSH, CE approved respirators, etc.) will have your company name on the mask.

Custom Designed Products

We will work with you to design a face mask that meets the needs of a particular user group. We can change the shape of the mask, reconfigure the head-straps, or adjust any other components. If required, we will also submit the custom product for government approval.

Technical & Marketing Support

We provide support to our customers in many ways, including:

  • product training programs
  • product pictures
  • catalog preparation
  • strategic discussions

Other Packaging Options

We offer all our face masks, and many of our other products, in a variety of packaging options including: blister cards, clam shells, polybags with header cards, and in any other unique packaging that you may require. This is in addition to our standard bulk packaging.

Digital Product Guide

Our 2013 Respiratory Protection Product Guide displays all of the disposable respirators (filter masks) that we manufacture, including the popular N95 respirator mask, specialty N99, R95, and P95 respirators, our complete line of CE marked respirators, medical masks, eye protection, safety gloves and more.

Download the product guide (pdf)

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